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We make tattoos since 2009: girls - about love and eternity, guys - anchors, graphics and sweeping calligraphy.

We do not wear leather pants, do not listen to gothic metal and try not to get tattoos we dislike.

Faux Pas | Moscow
Trekhprudny pereulok 8
+7 (495) 774-50-72


Modern tattoo culture ideologist Maxime Buchi was the Faux Pas studio’s guest at the end of April. Also known as MXM, he is the first dandy of Lausanne and the founder of the Sang Bleu almanac and the Novembre magazine. Maxime develops fonts, lives in London and makes collaborations with Rick Owens, Balenciaga, Mugler, Damir Doma. The freshest one with Alexander McQueen now is on sale in Moscow fashion stores. At the end of 2013 Maxime triumphally opened SBLDN tattoo studio in London where the best tattoo artists of planet dream to work at least some days in a year. He prefers to be friends with people as successful and well-known, as he is. Maxime visited Moscow with ambitious intentions not only to make some outstanding tattoos, but also to open a personal exhibition at Faux Pas, to communicate with Russian designers, and to take part in celebration of our studio’s birthday. Done!

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French graffiti and tattoo artist FUZI UVTPK first time arrived in Russia on a tour last summer, by the invitation of Faux Pas. In the 80s he started bombing the north line of the parisian metro and few years later became the ideologist of the most famous graffiti teams in Europe.
Nowadays he paints industrial facilities around the world, writes books, engaged in arts and sculpture, exhibited in galleries, and produces clothing brand named Ignorant People. FUZI started making tattoos not so long ago, but there are already lots of people who are fond of his distinctive "ignorant" style: among his clients there are Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson and many French musicians like Justice, Kavinsky, Diplo and Busy P. And since middle June 2013 (when FUZI was invited to work in our Moscow studio) Russian designers, graffiti artists, businessmen and pop stars became his clients too.Besides, he left here few graffities and promised us a prompt return.
And as he had promised on March 27th there was the grand opening of his personal exhibition in our studio. Also there were two "ignorant master" tattoo-sessions and funny graffity time.

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Liam Sparkes in da house!
His name is closely associated with two studios: East River Tattoo (Brooklyn, NY) and Shangri La (Shoreditch, London). Mr. Sparks lives in London, where besides tattoo he is engaged into different kind of artistic activities: creating jewelry, promoting his own clothing brand, collaborating with fashion labels, playing drums in a rock band. He is also exhibited in collective projects and by himself at major art-spaces worldwide. He has cultivated his own unique style (only black lines, unique artistic vision, brutality and irony).
Even before the official announcement of his visit was made, there was obvious stir about it. Liam Sparkes made less than thirty tattoos at Faux Pas studio from 10th till 19th September 2013. Only his sketches. Only for great people who were chosen after personal meetings. As a result, Liam now has a hundred of friends in Russia, he has explored the capital from side to side and he was nearly torn apart by fans at his party and promised to come back with a personal exhibition.

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Dutchman Kim Rense in the last couple of years became one of the world's greatest masters of superfine dotwork technique with his own vision of the history and development of the tattoo art.His work influences modern European tattoo culture and his clients arrive to the Papanatos studio in Hague not only from the Old World. Kim’s art refers to thin and delicate lines of the sixteenth century engravings. From aristocratic portraits to images of vintage airplane on the chest "Papanatos" style can be distinctly recognized even in small works.
Kim’s closest friends and associates Guy Le Tatooer and Rafel Delalande are regular guest artists of Papanatos Tattoos. New period of Kim Rense creativity - the most subtle and graceful figures. His technique and skills were demonstrated in Faux Pas studio from 15th to 20th October 2013. We brought Kim without any connections to the "Year of Russia and the Netherlands", but we’ve got a response comparable to the officially announced major exhibitions and concerts.

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